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Nick is now featured on Improve Photography

It is with great excitement that I announce that I am, and have been podcasting for the amazing people over at Improve Photography.  I have been a regular guest on the Improve Photography podcast, a great round table podcast talking about all things photography.

 I have also been a contributor to the Photo Taco Podcast.  In addition to these guest appearances, I am also the Co-host of Portrait Session, A podcast about all things relating to portraiture and wedding photography.  I cant tell you how excited I am to be a part of these shows.  It gives me a chance geek out about things I love, and be creative, which you may have guessed is something I am kinda into :)

While your at it, check out the fourth podcast on the Improve photography network, thoughts on photography with Brian McGuckin.  A really great show.

These shows are all available on itunes, and soon will all be up on stitcher as well.  Please subscribe and check them out.  I will begin to share new episodes here as they are released.


My Oregon Coast Trip ( Part 1 )

In Late February of this year (2015) I took the opportunity to travel for the sake of photography down the Oregon Coast.  A large workshop of fellow Improve Photography Podcast listeners were to meet in Gold beach, and photograph the southern Coast together.  My trip started...

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7d Mark II vs 5d Mark III - For Wildlife

This video reveals my  first impressions after using the 7d Mark II for a few weeks.  I found the focusing system and ISO performance to be huge improvements over the original 7D.  For the sake of wildlife photography, I really think that the 7D has really overtaken the 5D mark III.  The frames per second, and focusing system really give it an edge, now that its ISO performance isn't lagging as far behind the full frame cameras on the market.  I will add links to where the lens and camera can be both bought and rented below.  Here are some images I captured with the 7d mark II with the 100-400 L version II


Canon 70-300 f4-5.6 L Review

This past week and a half I have had the opportunity to use the Canon 70-300 4-5.6 L lens.  I found that the lens was very compact, more so than I had expected.   I also found it to be quite sharp.  In compairing it to the 100-400mm by canon, I found it to be sharper than the version 1, but perhaps not quite as sharp as the version 2.  Your definitely left wishing for a few more MM's, but the compact size of this lens really makes it a great travel and walk around lens.  Links to the lens on amazon, as well as brent rents lenses can be found below.

here are some images from the lens.  all shot on a Canon 5d Mark III