In Late February of this year (2015) I took the opportunity to travel for the sake of photography down the Oregon Coast.  A large workshop of fellow Improve Photography Podcast listeners were to meet in Gold beach, and photograph the southern Coast together.  My trip started On the northern Oregon Coast in Astoria, OR.                  The Wreck of the Peter Iredale was somthing that I have always wanted to photograph, and this is where my journey began.

     When I first arrived I was fairly surprised about the amount of tourists that were there On a Monday, I mean dont these people have jobs? lol I scouted the area, then decided to go check into my hotel, on the way I couldn't help but stop and photograph the amazing forests that surround Fort Stevens State Park.

Enjoying the warm winter day

pre sunset Peter Iredale

rust on the old sea torn ship

say cheese!

     When I came back to the beach that evening, the crowd had thinned out, and the photographers had began to move in.  This is a very popular shot for photographers for obvious reasons.  Its not everyday you can walk up and photograph an easily accessible 100 year old shipwreck.  In between the senior portrait sessions and hobbyists walking up and using popup flash to illuminate the wreckage, I was able to get some shots I very much liked.  The sky absoloutly lit up that night, putting on quite a show.  I ran out into the surf and got a few other compositions I liked before heading back to the car.

     Feeling very excited about the images I had came away with from my first stop of the trip, I decided to drive over into Astoria and see if I could get a good shot of the Massive bridge that spans the Columbia River.  After composing a couple shots I decided to give a shot at shooting some star trails since I was pointed fairly north, and the sky had not yet turned completely dark.

This is around 30 images stacked.. each shot at iso 1000 at f4 for 30 seconds

Tillimook lighthouse, shot from Ecola State Park

Near Yaquina Head Lighthouse

     Having stayed up late the night before shooting star trails, I wasn't super excited to get up before dawn to shoot sunrise... so I got up around 7 and leisurely made my way south down the coast.  I wanted to stop at Ecola State Park, but I know the light wouldn't be great.  I got there snapped a few photos, but the light wasn't great and I moved on.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

     My goal was to shoot Yaquina Head Lighthouse at sunset.  I got there with about 2 hours to kill, and discovered that they would be kicking everyone out at about sunset, and that just wasn't going to work for my plans to shoot the lighthouse just after sunset.  I took a few photos of the lighthouse, before I panicked and tried to find a backup location to shoot sunset.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Near Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The Next Morning the photography group had planned on meeting up at Thor's Well at Cap Perpetua, but the Tide was too low to get a good photograph, so we raced down, and I mean RACED down to Heceta Head lighthouse.  After a mad dash up the trail to the light house we got what we had came for.  A little sunrise color in the sky.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

From this point on the trip would be a social one.  This was probably the first time I had shot with so many other skilled photographers.  Once the tide had risen, we traveled back to Cape perpetua, and spent the next few hours braving the huge waves that would come crashing over the lava sinkhole that is Thor's well.  I was actually hit by a shoulder high wave, soaking my camera, soaking me down to the bone.  the camera survived and I was able to find a convenient store to change my cloths in.  Luckily I had snapped a few frames before the wave had ended my shoot at Thor's well.

Thors well is located at Cape Perpetua state park.  It is created by a sink hole int he lava flow that stretches out into the pacific.  The water flowing in and out of Thor's Well brings photographers in from around the world.

The Journey will continue next week when I post more of my amazing trip south on the Oregon Coast.... stay tuned.........