2016 Icelandic Winter Adventure


Picture yourself spending a week photographing stunning jagged mountain peaks, infinite ocean vistas, massive glaciers, icebergs of all sizes, ice caverns, canyons, and giant frozen waterfalls. Now picture photographing all these locations in prolonged hours of golden light, with ever-present promise of dancing Northern Lights during the long, crisp nights.You’re on a beautiful island, thousands of miles from home; all your worries melt away as you escape to capture the exquisite beauty before you at every turn. Welcome to Iceland. Join Nick Page and Majeed Badizadegan on a highly exclusive winter tour of the stunning countryside of Iceland.  

This will be a very small, intimate group; we’re limiting the workshop to only six participants, giving a 3:1 ratio of students to guides.  This means there will be plenty of one-on-one time with  Nick Page and Majeed Badizadegan, as we guide you around some of the most photogenic places on the planet.  We are going to focus our efforts on the southern portion Iceland; we’ll photograph places like the Iceberg Lagoon, Ice Beach, various waterfalls, and the stunning black sand beaches of Vik. We’ll take a third-party guided tour of the complex and jaw-dropping network of Iceland’s deep blue Ice Caves.

Iceland is like a Nature photography heaven.  During this time of year, the days will be short, with only four and a half hours of light each day. Given the low position of the sun on the horizon, this means an extended golden hour: a photographer's dream!  During the night, we will have great potential to witness the phenomenon of Northern Lights dancing in the sky.  Although we cannot guarantee we will get Aurora during our trip, we have coincided the time of our tour with the best chance to witness Aurora conditions. 

DATES  - December 5th-11th 2016

You could schedule your flight to arrive on the morning of Monday, December 5th, although I would highly recommend showing up a day early to give yourself time to rest and get acquainted with the new time zone.  We are all going to need a little sleep and rest before getting our start.

Day 1

* Breakfast in Reykjavik (pronounced RAY-ka-vik) and meet and greet.  This is where we will set our game plan for the week and set goals for our time in Iceland. We’ll look at weather, road conditions, and put ourselves in a position to succeed each day with our time. 
* After we are all fed and road worthy, we will be heading north to photograph the famous

Day 2

* The Golden Circle road. complete with geysers, Gulfoss and Bruarfoss waterfalls.  

Day 3

* Our Third day will be spent in the area of Vik.  Here there are some amazingly beautiful beaches, Iconic Churches and other wonderful scenes. There will be enough here to take up our daylight hours before we head further along the southern road.

Day 4 - 6

* We will be spending the next several days photographing the Iceberg Lagoon, the black sand Ice beaches.  We will be going on a guided tour of one of Iceland's Ice Caves, as well as visiting the amazing Vesturhorn.

Day 7

* Day 7 will be spent working our way back towards Reykjavik, and stopping along the way to photograph anything we feel we wanted a second shot at. 

Like all of our tours, the Weather will play a big role in our plans and locations, we have to go where we have the best shot of getting good light and photos.  This includes 1 am wake up calls for aurora, or last minute audibles to catch a gap in the storm.  We want everyone to go home with good photos, and for that reason we have to pay attention to, and react to the weather Iceland Gives us.

PRICE  -  $2495

Whats included

* Guiding and Instruction
* LODGING: 7 night's lodging during the tour (based on double occupancy)
* TRANSPORTATION: transportation from the airport, during the tour and back to the airport
* ICE CAVES: Guided ice cave tour with a 3rd party guiding service
* One on One instruction with Nick and Majeed, and a 3:1 instructor to participant ratio!
* Group post-processing sessions and instruction

* Single occupancy can be purchased for those that don't want to share a room
* Food will be up to the participants and is NOT provided.
* Hotels before and after the tour will be the responsibility of the participant
* Flights are NOT INCLUDED to get to Iceland.  But we highly recommend Iceland Air.
* WE ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED in how many people we can take on this trip, so if you’re considering the trip, do NOT delay booking.  I expect this trip to go quickly.
* Your payment of $1,200 is NON-REFUNDABLE!  The payment is not a deposit, but is a payment to reserve our time in leading your workshop.  If you need to cancel your attendance at the workshop, we may advertise the opening to others.  IF someone else signs up to take your spot, we may refund you your $1,200, but only if the spot sells to another in time.


We will have a student to instructor ratio of 1:3.  This will be a very small intimate group, where everyone will get plenty of instruction and one on one time with either Majeed or Nick. 
The instructors are myself (Nick Page) and my good friend and incredible photographer Majeed Badizadegan.  I really feel like having two workshop instructors for a trip like this is a huge benefit because you get to see two very different opinions of photography and techniques, so you can learn different styles and have the opportunity to pick up what you like.



Before the trip, we’ll start a new Facebook group just for attendees.  You’ll meet everyone in the group (virtually) before we leave and be able to ask questions and prepare.  This will be where you can find someone to split a car/room with, etc. This is not a lazy vacation.  This is serious sleep-when-you’re-dead style photography.  Expect to be woken up if the northern lights make an appearance. We can't promise Northern lights, there are just too many variables.  But we are all going there in hopes of pointing our cameras at the Aurora.  Make no doubt about it, if they are out, we will be too!



From a physical standpoint, if you feel comfortable walking 1 mile on uneven terrain, you should be in fine shape for this trip.  The rocky ground in Iceland is very uneven, but we won’t need to go on any hikes over 2 miles.  If any location is out of your comfort zone, you’re more than welcome to shoot another location, stay at the hotel and rest, or wait in the van until we get to another more comfortable location for you.
From a photography skill level point of view, anyone is welcome.  There is no need to be an advanced photographer by any means.  We usually have a good mix of mostly intermediate photographers, a few advanced, and a few beginners.  
You definitely don’t need fancy photography gear to shoot in Iceland.  If you have any camera capable of shooting in manual mode, a tripod, and a wide angle lens, you’re good.  If you don’t have that, then just rent it for a week.
Our winter clothing will be very important for this trip.  We are going to be very very far north, and its going to be very very windy wet and cold.  We will put together a recommended gear for you all before the trip!


By attending this workshop, you agree to hold Nick Page Photography and Majeed Badizadegan harmless for all personal injury or loss that may occur during or in connection with this trip.
Do not push your physical abilities past what you are healthy enough to do.  You are in charge of deciding if a location is safe for you to travel to.
Nick Page Photography and Majeed Badizadegan's only role in this workshop is to teach photography in Iceland and help you find great locations.  You are responsible for your safety as you travel. Nick Page Photography and Majeed Badizadegan make no effort to vet the other attendees of the trip and you need to make sure you are safe in their companionship.
In the event of extraordinary events, governmental instability, extreme weather, or other condition, Nick Page Photography and Majeed Badizadegan reserves the right to cancel this trip and return all workshop fees to participants.