The Ultimate Oregon Coast Tour & Workshop.

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(7 days exploring the southern and central Oregon Coast)


Welcome to the Oregon Coast

The most diverse and photogenic coast on the planet. Bring home Epic Photos.

The Oregon Coast is a world-renowned destination for it’s unique and abundant coastline. Photographers travel from around the world to capture the unique rugged coastline characterized by towering monoliths, dramatic rugged coastal rocks and bluffs, sandstone cliffs carved by winter storms, and picturesque lighthouses--  all surrounded by the raw and powerful Pacific Ocean. Join photographers Majeed Badizadegan and Nick Page, professionals who know and love the coastal areas, as they take you along on an exciting journey through stunning landscapes in an action-packed workshop. Photo enthusiasts, landscape lovers, and adventure seekers, let's experience the Oregon Coast.



7 Days (Monday, November 6th - Sunday, November 12th)

Important note:   To make the most of this workshop we will be closely monitoring and evaluating weather patterns.  The weather will likely play a role in our locations for each sunrise and sunset.  The Itinerary is a tentative schedule and subject to change.


Southern & Central Coast tour

Day 1 (Monday, November 6th) 

  • We'll meet and have lunch in Brookings, OR.  There we will get to know each other and discuss the individual goals for the workshop, as well as get the weeks game plan in order.
  • Check in to the hotel and drop off bags.
  • Start exploring!  We will be near many beautiful beaches, we will use the early hours of the evening to explore and discover where we want to be for sunset.


Days 2-4 (Tuesday, November 7th - Thursday, November 9th) 

  • We will be spending our first two days on Oregon's southern coast.  Filled with the beautiful sea stacks and rocky coastlines.
  • Coastal areas in Southern Oregon ranging from Samuel H Boardman State Park to Bandon, OR
  • We will keep the itinerary very flexible so we are able to respond to weather patterns and put ourselves in the best position to succeed


Day 5-7 (Friday November 10th - Sunday, November 12th) 

We will be flexible during these dates, going where the weather bids us.  There are amazing locations such as Bandon, Coos Bay,  Heceta Head, Thor’s Well, Yaquina head and Cape Kiwanda to choose from. 


Southern & Central Coast tour (7 days) - $1295

The cost of this workshop includes your guiding fees only (All prices in US Dollars.  Reserve your spot at this link.)  payment of $650 is a non-refundable initial payment toward the total of $1295. The payment is to reserve your spot in the workshop. The balance is due 60 days prior to the first day of the workshop, September 6, 2017. If you need to cancel your attendance to the workshop, Majeed Badizadegan Photography (hereafter referred to as MBP) and Nick Page Photography (hereafter referred to as NPP) may advertise the opening to others. If someone else signs up to fill your spot, we may refund you your deposit, but only if the spot sells to another participant.

What is included:

  • Guiding to locations, our local knowledge of weather patterns, favorable tides and surf, and best locations based on those conditions
  • One on one instruction both in the field and post processing sessions during our down time.
  • Post processing sessions.  (we will have multiple sessions where we sit down together go over our own workflows, and work on improving your own)
  • Drinks and snacks while we are on location  (snacks will be simple, but are a nice energy boost when we are out shooting at odd hours)

What is NOT included:

  • Lodging: To remain as flexible as possible, we are not recommending booking rooms in advance. We need to follow the weather, so we may move to a different area of coast depending on weather patterns. We will provide suggestions for hotels in the proximity of areas we are staying. You can book a hotel in Brookings, OR for the first night. We will provide hotel recommendations.  
  • Transportation: Transportation will not be provided. We will help connect participants after sign-ups and you may choose to coordinate with other participants for sharing rooms and vehicles.
  • Meals:  Besides light snacks, meals are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Travel to and from the Oregon Coast.

We think you could reasonably budget about $2350 (US Dollars) for the entire trip.  Here’s how we figure:

  • $1,295 workshop fee
  • $560 hotel (This is $80/night for a single room.  You could save a lot if you get a roommate with someone else in the workshop)
  • $450 flight (Depending on where you’re coming from this varies greatly.  Some of you might want to road trip to our meeting point, others might fly.  I have found great prices on
  • Transportation - The transportation is not included on this trip so you will either need to carpool with a friend or workshop partner.  There are always open seats available.  We will be creating a Facebook page for workshop participants so we can all coordinate and work together on these logistics.
  • $190 food (It’d be more if you eat out each meal for sure, but we usually eat breakfast at the hotel and just pack some granola bars/snacks for lunch).  If your a seafood fan, there are going to be some amazing places for dinner along this trip.

We obviously can’t guarantee your travel prices other than the workshop fee, but those are the estimates of what we consider reasonable having been there before. So to be clear, you’ll be paying Majeed Badizadegan Photography and Nick Page Photography the $1,295 workshop fee ONLY.  Lodging/food/rental car is up to you.  We’ll all just make our own reservations so you have the flexibility to extend your stay, choose who you room with (or get a room yourself), pick if you want to join someone else to split a rental car, etc.  We’ll give you all the info soon after you have you purchase your spot in the workshop.  You’ll be given a link to a special Facebook group for attendees after checkout.

WE ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED in how many people we can take on this trip, so if you’re considering the trip, do NOT delay booking.  I expect this trip to go quickly.

Your down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE should you not be able to make the trip, but will be refunded should we have to cancel the tour for any reason.  The payment is not a deposit, but is a payment to reserve our time in leading your workshop.  If you need to cancel your attendance at the workshop, Majeed Badizadegan Photography and Nick Page Photography may advertise the opening to others. If someone else signs up to take your spot, we may refund you your payment, but only if the spot sells to another in time.

Group size

We will have a student to instructor ratio of 1:4. This is a tight-knit workshop with a small group.   After leading many workshops, we've found this is a good balance of having an instructor who is there for you, but not “breathing down your neck, looking over your shoulder every second.” 

The instructors are myself (Majeed Badizadegan) and my good friend and incredible photographer Nick Page.  I really feel like having two workshop instructors for a trip like this is a huge benefit because you get to see two very different opinions of photography and techniques, so you can learn different styles and have the opportunity to pick up what you like.


What the trip is like

Before the workshop begins, we’ll start a new Facebook group just for attendees.  You’ll meet everyone in the group (virtually) before we leave and be able to ask questions and prepare.  This will be where you can find someone to split a car/room with, etc.

This is not a lazy vacation.  This is serious, sleep-when-you’re-dead style photography.  Expect the alarm clock to go off EARLY.  We’ll grab a bite to eat together (if something is open yet) and then we’ll head off in caravans.

Each day is different.  If we have good clouds during the day, we can sometimes stay out almost all day shooting.  Other days, the clouds clear out, and a clear day spoils the photography, so we may only shoot morning and evening and night.  We’ll do our best to give you a plan of what each day will bring the night before, but everything depends on weather.

We’ll stay together for the trip.  We’ll pick restaurants so we can all group up and enjoy each other’s company and review photos.  Since we’re all purchasing our own accommodations, you’re certainly welcome to venture off on your own a bit if that’s what you prefer.

Physical abilities/Skill Level/Equipment

From a physical standpoint, if you feel comfortable walking 1 or 2 miles on uneven terrain, you should be in fine shape for this trip.  The rocky ground along the coast can be uneven in some places, but we won’t need to go on any prolonged hikes over 2 miles.  There will be some fairly decent hikes along the southern coast where the trail descends around 250-300 feet down to beach level, and for this reason those with heart issues will have a difficult time with this hike back up. If any location is out of your comfort zone, you’re more than welcome to shoot another location, stay at the hotel and rest, or wait until we get to another more comfortable location for you. We will do our best to group photographers of the same physical abilities together.

From a photography skill level point of view, everyone is welcome.  There is no need to be an advanced photographer by any means.  We usually have a good mix of mostly intermediate photographers, a few advanced, and a few beginners.  But if you haven’t yet mastered shooting in manual mode, we HIGHLY recommend going through the Improve Photography's Photography Start online course before the workshop.  You’ll get MUCH more out of the workshop if you at least get that foundation under you before the trip.

You definitely don’t need fancy photography gear to shoot the Oregon coast.  If you have any camera capable of shooting in manual mode, a tripod, and a wide angle lens, you’re good.  If you don’t have that, then just rent it for a week.


Important Legal Information

By attending this workshop, you agree to hold Majeed Badizadegan of Majeed Badizadegan Photography and Nick Page of Nick Page Photography and its employees and owners harmless for all personal injury or loss that may occur during or in connection with this trip.This is a self-led travel trip.  You are responsible for your safety in the car you choose to travel in, with the roommate you select, and as you move about the Oregon Coast.  Do not push your physical abilities past what you are healthy enough to do.  You are in charge of deciding if a location is safe for you to travel to.

Travel insurance as well as insurance for your photo gear are both highly recommended.  All it takes is one rouge wave to ruin your day or even trip, so insurance while shooting the coast is highly recommended.

Majeed Badizadegan of Majeed Badizadegan Photography and Nick Page of Nick Page Photography role in this workshop is to teach photography along the Oregon Coast and guide you to great locations. You are responsible for your safety as you travel. Majeed Badizadegan of Majeed Badizadegan Photography and Nick Page of Nick Page Photography makes no effort to vet the other attendees of the trip and you need to make sure you are safe in their companionship.

In the event of extraordinary events, governmental instability, extreme weather, or other condition, Majeed Badizadegan of Majeed Badizadegan Photography and Nick Page of Nick Page Photography reserves the right to cancel this trip and return all workshop fees to participants.