What to bring

Here is a list of things to bring to the workshop in order to get the most out of the trip. Not all items will be needed for sure depending on the weather, but all are a good idea!

  • Camera - DSLR cameras are preferred, but any camera that can shoot in manual and shoot in RAW formats can be used
  • Lenses - Both a Wide angle, and Telephoto lenses are a good idea.  Palouse falls pretty much requires a wide lens, the wider the better.  When we are at Steptoe Butte, longer lenses really really help you find a composition that is simple and pleasing, not to mention we should see a fair amount of wildlife on our trip, so roadside wildlife photography will certainly be possible.
    • Recomended lenses
      • Canon 16-35mm L
      • Nikon 14-24mm
      • Tamron 15-30mm
      • Canon 100-400 L
      • Sigma 150-600mm
      • Nikon 200-500mm
      • any 24-70mm
      • any 70-200mm
    •  "Note on Friday we will be visited by Brent from www.brentrentslenses.com  we will have a chance to rent cameras and lenses at a discounted rate for the weekend. "  If you want to rent a lens ahead of time you can use the promo code "Improve"  at checkout for a 15% discount
  • Tripod - Tripods will be very important for shooting the low light scenes and water scenes i have planned for the trip.. any time you on a tripod your image quality will be better.. images will be sharper, and have less digital noise!
  • Filters - Polarizing filters will dramatically help us get some extra saturation in the wheat fields and vegitation.  And when we are at Palouse falls, a 3, 6, or even 10 stop ND filter will allow us to smooth out the water, and help our photos stand out from the rest.  This is a good one on a budget.  Tiffen Filter
  • Batteries and chargers - Bring a minimum of 2 or 3 batteries, and ways to charge them.  The more camera batteries you bring the better.
  • All your Memory cards - we will be taking tons of photos, and your likely going to fill a couple cards.. bring them all so you don't run out of space
  • Camera Rain cover - there is always a chance for some rain and even a thunderstorm, and we won't let a spring storm get in the way of our photos, often times just after a rain is when we get our best images!  You can get them pretty cheap on amazon here Rain Cover
  • Warm cloths - we will be shooting into the evenings, and during the early morning, so bring your warm clothes as well as some warm weather clothes.. We will likely have a wide variety of temperatures. 
  • Comfy walking shoes - We won't be going on any super long hikes, but there will certainly be some hiking opportunities for those that are up for it.  Bring good shoes and you wont regret it.
  • Flashlights - we will have some optional night photography opportunities, so bring a headlamp or other small flashlight so you're not left in the dark :)
  • Walk around Cash - we are going to be visiting little towns, and a lot of them don't take American Express, so cash will probably be quite useful.


The Itinerary  (all times are Pacific Standard)

This is just a rough itinerary and subject to change.  We will be following the weather closely to make the most of this tour!

Friday   -   Day 1

12:00pm   -   Meetup at Touchet Valley Golf Course  209 N Pine St, Dayton, WA 99328

We will be meeting up in the restaurant at the golf course to introduce ourselves, get a feel for the day's plan, and go over what we all want to focus on and learn throughout the weekend. 

1:00pm - 2:30pm   -   snacks and Presentation by Brent Rents Lenses

From 1 - 3  We will be having lunch and listening to a presentation from Brent from www.brentrentslenses.com .  He will have gear available to rent for the weekend, as well as just check out and play with.  All of our workshop participants will receive a special discount should they rent any gear for the weekend. 

2:30pm - 4:00pm   -   Check into hotels and prepare for the evening shoots

Go get checked in and cozy in our hotels and perhaps workout our carpooling situations.

4:00pm   -   Meet in lobby of Best Western Hotel  507 E Main St, Dayton, WA 99328

4:15pm   -   Leave for the evening shoot

We will slowly be making our way out to Palouse falls, we will be hitting several old barns, scenic views and old rusty cars along the way.  We will hopefully see some wildlife as well, so have your longest lens mounted, and your camera in your lap as we drive.  We will be Carpooling in as few cars as possible.  Those with large SUV's are encouraged to have others ride with them.  Four cars will be better than 10! 

6:30pm   -   Palouse falls Sunset shoot

Sunset time 8:30pm

We will be photographing the beautiful Palouse falls on our first evening shoot.  When we first arrive we will be checking out the different locations to shoot from, and have a talk about settings, and composition elements to keep in mind for the nights shoot.  The sun will be setting at 8:35pm, so we will have plenty of time to talk, prepare and find our compositions. 

9:00pm   -   Head back to Hotel

Go back to bed.. get some sleep!  We have an early morning ahead of us!


Saturday   -   day 2

4:30am  -   meet for Sunrise over the blue mountains shoot (sunrise is around 5:15am)

Yes you read that right 4:30am!  It will be worth it.. meet in the lobby of the Weinhard hotel, grab some coffee and be ready to go!

4:40am   -   We ride!  

Or drive.. either way we head out for our early morning shoot.. dont worry it will be worth it!  But we have to leave no later that 4:40 to be at our location on time.  Our location will be in the foothills south of Dayton, looking out towards the Blue Mountains.. should be a beautiful scene!  Afterwards we will head out in to the foothills while the light is good, and photograph more wheat fields, old houses.. likely deer and a strong possibility of Elk

8:00am   -   Coffee and Breakfast

An optional group breakfast back at the Touchet Valley Golf Course.  If you want to grab a quick nap, now would be the time to do it!


From here we will start letting the weather dictate our locations.  Steptoe butte will be our sunset shoot for day 2.. we will be making our way east towards iconic barns.. Wind turbines, old wildmills, rolling hills and Canola fields.