Wildflowers and Waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest - Sold out

In this workshop we are going to be exploring some of the majestic waterfalls of Washington state as well as the wildflower filled valleys of the Columbia river gorge. 


For the waterfalls portion of this tour, we will be focusing our efforts on the Washington state side of the Columbia River gorge.  The Oregon side of the river is known for its impressive array of waterfalls, and because of that, it is flooded with tourists.  The Washington side however has some of the most beautiful waterfalls, with only a fraction of the visitors.  Because of the effort involved to visit these wonders of nature we will often have the locations to ourselves or have very few people at each location.  We will be photographing wildflowers on both the Oregon and Washington side of the gorge during this tour as well.

Group Size

This will be a very small close knit group.  I am only accepting 6 participants on this trip!  This will give us elbow room at our locations, and give anyone that wants 1 on 1 help in the field more time with me.  Small groups are just, better.  You learn more, we are a small and nimble group that is able to move and react to our whims and the weather.

Dates - April 21st - 23rd 2017

Important note:   To make the most of this workshop we will be closely monitoring and evaluating weather patterns.  The weather will likely play a role in our locations for each sunrise and sunset.  The Itinerary is a tentative schedule and subject to change.

Each morning we will be waking up early for sunrise where we will be photographing fields of wildflowers over the Columbia river gorge.  We will then load up and travel to one of the 5 large waterfalls we will be photographing on this trip.  After lunch we will then go and photograph more wild flowers and scenic vista's for sunset.

Cost - $750 per person


  • Guiding
  • Small group size
  • Post processing instruction
  • In the field instruction
  • Snacks and drink while on location
  • 1 hour of Skype tutoring following the trip

Not included

  • Travel to Cascade Locks OR
  • Transportation (although we will be carpooling with each other)
  • Lodging
  • Meals

Hiking difficulty

This will be one of the most challenging workshops I have lead in the way of physical requirements.  Some of the waterfalls we will be hiking to are very challenging to get to.  The trails will be very muddy and slick with a very steep decline going in, and steep coming out.  There are places where there will be ropes to assist us.. and other places where we wish we had them.  There will also be times when we will want to wade out in to the streams to find better compositions.  The longest hike will be around 3.5 miles round trip, with about 700 feet of elevation gain.  For these reasons I need to make sure everyone that signs up feels confident in their hiking abilities and physical capabilities.  I am a large guy and I am able to do these hikes, but trust me I am going to be feeling it by the end of this adventure doing all the hikes in consecutive days.

Important Legal Information

By attending this workshop, you agree to hold Nick Page Photography harmless for all personal injury or loss that may occur during or in connection with this trip.

Do not push your physical abilities past what you are healthy enough to do.  You are in charge of deciding if a location is safe for you to travel to.

Nick Page Photography's only role in this workshop is to teach photography and help you find great locations.  You are responsible for your safety as you travel.  Nick Page Photography makes no effort to vet the other attendees of the trip and you need to make sure you are safe in their companionship.

In the event of extraordinary events, governmental instability, extreme weather, or other condition, Nick Page Photography reserves the right to cancel this trip and return all workshop fees to participants.