Mastering Dodging and Burning


Mastering Dodging and Burning


In these videos Nick teaches you the most powerful ways to dodge and burn

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In these videos Nick shows you the most powerful ways to dodge and burn


Covered in this course:

  • Why Dodging and burning is such a crucial part of the editing process

  • Freehand dodging and burning

  • Guided Dodging and burning

  • Dodging and Burning using smart objects

  • Dodging and Burning using contrast adjustments

  • Creating Depth and atmosphere

  • Creating visual path

  • Creating Color separation


This is a 11 video set, with a Combined runtime of around 1.75 hours

 *note, this is a photoshop tutorial. All post processing will be taken place inside of photoshop and adobe camera raw. It is highly encouraged that you have a basic understanding of layer masks, and a general idea of the concept of luminosity masks.