Mastering Luminosity Masks


Mastering Luminosity Masks

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In these videos Nick teaches you how to create, use, and Master Luminosity Masks

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In these videos Nick shows you how to create, use and implement luminosity masks into any photoshop workflow.


Covered in this course:

  • What Luminosity Masks are, and how to create them

  • Recommended creation tools

  • Exposure Blending using luminosity masks

  • Selectively adding contrast using luminosity masks

  • Targeted adjustments using luminosity masks

  • Bringing out dimension and three-dimentionality in dark foregrounds

  • Controlled Dodging and Burning using Luminosity masks


This is a 4 video set, with a Combined runtime of around 1.5 hours.


Also included in this package are the RAW files from the videos for practicing on